Madeleine Schachter

Submitted by evanwconsl on Mon, 07/11/2022 - 08:29

My artwork traverses a journey to lightness, comprised of subtle palettes, imbued with glints of gilded tones. Each piece implies movement, infused with buoyancy and sensation, and uses tilt and tinge to evoke a sense of hope.  I look to endow the viewer with prospect and possibility through suggestive abstraction, entrusting that implication will arouse contemplation to enable unique flights into self-reflection and sentiment.  I aim through my work to shift the mood, as I produce the work, as I work with others to produce art, and as my art is viewed. I work in mixed media, including acrylics, metal leaf, and some unusual materials, such as mascara. I also use art to empower and engage children in homeless shelters, survivors of domestic violence, refugees, inmates, and Syrian refugee children. One of the books I wrote, Creativity Connections: Wellness Through Artistic Expression, explains how to use art to empower oneself and others.

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