Michael Scherfen

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Michael Scherfen Watercolor Artist
55 Ave D, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
732-291-8053 mike@mikescherfen.com
Mike was born in Portland, Oregon
and grew up in San Francisco. He began drawing
at 9 years of age, and never stopped. His first thought
of making art a career began with his exposure to
architecture in a Junior High School
Mechanical Drawing class.
He continued his training at the Art Institute
and the Art Academy in San Francisco, and then
on to the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles,
graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.
He is a 47-year veteran, NYC Advertising Art Director.
He retired and started painting full time in 2008,
studying under the renowned Watercolor artist,
Donald Voorhees, NJWCS.
His paintings range from portraits to landscapes
and seascapes. He draws his inspiration from the
intriguing colors and textures that surround him,
from the face of a colorful character to the
scales of a rusting boat.

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